KMA-24H (-70 series) Audio Panel and Intercom

p KMA24H detail 470x290


Take control of your radio stack, and communicate better in the cockpit din! The KMA-24H is a variation of the standard King KMA-24 audio panel. The "H" version replaces the straight KMA-24's marker beacon receiver and marker beacon lights with a five-place intercom.

This intercom operates in the following modes:

  • Hot mike - each microphone is always open
  • Voice activated (VOX) - a microphone opens when its user speaks (with adjustable sensitivity)
  • Keyed activation - an external key (not included) must be pressed to open a microphone

The pilot's microphone always has priority, muting the other intercom microphones when transmitting.

Other features include:

  • Emergency mode (EMG) connects the pilot's headphones and microphone to COMM 1 in the event of a malfunction or power failure
  • "Auto Comm" automatically switches the headphone audio to the selected transceiver
  • Two unswitched inputs may be used for warning or notification audio signals

The KMA-24H -70 series has the following switch positions:

  • 4 or 5 COMMs
  • 2 NAVs
  • DME
  • MKR
  • 1 or 2 ADFs



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