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Both NAV and COMM frequency displays on these units incorporate the popular flip-flop preselect feature. So, you can set up en route or approach frequency changeovers well in advance of your actual transition point or ATC handoff sequence for true stay ahead flight management.

Just select your upcoming NAV or COMM frequency in the standby (STBY) display, and youre all set to flip-flop it into active status at the press of a button. This function may also be controlled from an optional remote mounted switch.

Both active and standby frequencies are displayed simultaneously, so you never have to worry about whats being stored. And theres no chance of inadvertently erasing a frequency just when you need it most. An innovative non-volatile memory circuit holds all the displayed frequencies in storage ­ through aircraft shutdowns or momentary power interruptions without the need for battery power of any kind.

Large, self-dimming, microprocessor- controlled gas discharge readouts and solid-state electronic tuning provide fast, accurate selection of all 200 NAV and 760 COMM frequencies ­ and both the KX155 and KX165 feature a built-in 40-channel glideslope receiver. On the COMM side, the KX 165 system gives you 10 watts minimum transmitter power for maximum range and clarity.

And on the NAV side, the KX 165s useful Radial feature offers you an instant readout of the radial youre on (from the active VORTAC station), digitally displayed in the standby NAV frequency window. KX-165A is TSOd and offers 32 channels of com frequency memory, an additional CDI mode.

The new GPS "Quick Tune" feature allows the pilot to select and remotely tune the standby com and nav freq. from the KLN94 GPS database.Must be installed by Advantage Avionics or another King dealer. KX-165A (28V)



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