KX-165 NAV/COMM, 28 Volts

p KX165 detail 470x290


The King KX-165 NAV/COMM is very similar to the familiar KX-155, but with an important difference. Unlike the KX-155, the KX-165 does contain an internal VOR/LOC Converter. This means that the KX-165 may be used to directly drive the King KI-525A HSI, which is part of the King KCS-55A Compass System.
The KX-165 has King's easy-to-read, bright gas-discharge display. This display shows simultaneous active and standby frequencies for both the NAV and COMM sides. The KX-165 NAV/COMM tunes in 200 NAV channels and 760 COMM channels.
As a nice "extra" feature, the KX-165 can display the current radial from the active VOR. This information may be displayed instead of the standby NAV frequency.
This version does not include a Glideslope Receiver.
The King KX-165 also features:

  • Solid state design
  • 10 watts transmit power
  • Push button frequency flip-flop
  • TSO'd

The "non-Glideslope" KX-165 may be used with the following King Indicator:

  • King KI-202 GPS/VOR/LOC Indicator

We are often asked about adding Glideslope capability to a KX-165. Unfortunately, the KX-165 will not work with any external Glideslope Receivers because it does not output Glideslope channeling. Without this information, the Glideslope Receiver would not know which of the Glideslope frequencies to tune.
If you want Glideslope with a KX-165, you must use one with the Glideslope board installed. We generally recommend an exchange in this situation.



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