KY-196A COMM Transceiver

p KY196a detail 470x290


The King KY-196A is an update to the popular King KY-196 COMM. The KY-196A offers a number of new features over the KY-196, including:

  • 760 COMM channel capability (instead of 720)
  • Remote push button frequency flip-flop capability for greater convenience
  • 9 frequency memory channels stored in non-volatile memory (no power is needed to retain the memory settings)
  • Memory channels may be remotely called up and scrolled
  • Audio leveling feature removes some of the variation between loud and quiet transmissions

The KY-196A retains these KY-196 features:

  • Designed for aircraft with 28 volt electrical systems
  • Standard bright and easy-to-read King gas discharge display
  • Simultaneous digital display of both active and standby frequencies
  • Push button frequency flip-flop
  • 16 watts transmit power
  • TSO'd



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